To give you an accurate cost we need to know a bit about what you want your website to look like, what you want it to do and the amount of pages required.


The definition stage is really about gathering some detailed requirements and scoping what’s actually required. It’s a very important stage in the process, as you the client get to tell us what you need built. We get to clarify this with you, and then there’s a clear understanding of what gets designed, developed and delivered. It is only with this information that we can hope to give you an accurate quote on how much your site will cost to build.

Website Briefing Form

Note: We actively encourage you to complete this form with us during a face to face conversation or over the telephone. However if you happily understand all the terminology and technology, please feel free to complete yourself and we’ll be in touch with any questions.

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This briefing document is designed to help us help you by better understanding your business, which in turn helps us tailor our offerings and solutions in order to get the best fit for your needs.

We appreciate your time is precious and thank you in advance for any information provided. All information given will of course be treated with absolute confidentiality.


1. Business Context & Objectives
In your town/area what are your main ‘business objectives or goals’ for the next 12-24 months? (These may come from an overall strategy or plan that you are working to, and will likely include elements that deal with growth, revenue, costs, competition, customer acquisition/retention etc.)

2. Digital Channels & Objectives
Which digital channels do you currently use? What are their key objectives and how important are they to you as a business. (Channels often include websites, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as blogs, email and mobile apps. Objectives can be things like building customer contact lists, newsletter signups, brand awareness, taking bookings, audience engagement, selling products etc.)

3. Digital Ad Media
What, if any, digital ad media campaigns are you running, how often do you run them and what is the objective of them?
(Media placements can include Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Display Banners, Directory listings etc. Objectives can include Brand awareness, user registrations, product purchases, competition entries etc)

4. Website Specific - Design & Build (Replace existing)
Note: As part of the process we make a comprehensive assessment of any existing website(s) to complement any information you provide below.

‘Like for like’ re-builds of existing websites essentially mean that size, complexity and functionality are replicated as part of the delivery, apart from any new requirements identified below.


c) Scoping & Requirements:

vi. Miscellaneous requirements – some of these will require further scoping or conversation to understand specific needs, but please indicate using the list below:


d) Finally, are there any key business plans, developments or initiatives occurring in the next 12-18 months that could impact the website? (e.g. systems integration, online shop, new branch opening):